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Many people these days are talking about the weather. Extreme weather conditions are becoming the new normal.

Whether you’ve lost electricity due to the weather, a downed power line or some other occurrence, a generator will help you get back to business quickly.
Power outages deprive us of all the things we take for granted, such as light, heating and air conditioning. The devices we use most frequently, such as phones, computer and televisions all rely on electric power.

A generator provides you with clean, useful electricity from a local source.
If you live in an area prone to thunderstorms, blizzards and tornadoes, then investing in a generator will bring comfort and protection to you and your family.

Automatic standby generators are on continuous standby, meaning that the generator can power itself on and off, regardless of whether you are home. Once a stop in the flow of electricity is detected, these machines respond instantly. They turn themselves on and begin supplying power.
Installed outside of your home, these generators are similar to a central heating and air unit. They are powered by liquid propane or natural gas. The generator supplies electricity directly to your automatic transfer switch which then feeds your home’s circuit breaker.
Because they operate quietly and smoothly, they are not an annoyance or distraction to you or your neighbors.

Portable generators are built to remain outside of your home. These mobile units are fueled by gasoline and manually operated. Extension cords will make it easier to plug objects directly into the generator. These kinds of generators are usually cheaper than automatic standby generators.
We also have portable generators that are fueled by propane. So you can use the same propane bottle that you have connected to your BBQ grill to fuel your generator to power your home.
We have a manual transfer switch that mounts directly below your electrical power company electric meter. This will allow you to plug your portable generator directly into your home, office, barn or any other building. Your electrical limits will then be governed only by the electrical output of your generator. This eliminates the use of electrical extension cords running from the generator to your home’s appliances and lights.

Despite the price difference, there are plenty advantages to buying an automatic standby generator.
Since automatic standby generators use natural gas and liquid propane, the cost of running this machine will be cheaper.
The Red Cross endorses automatic standby generators because they are a cleaner method of powering your home. Portable generators produce harmful byproducts that can damage the environment. As well, these units keep your house neat and clear of clutter. Portable generators require numerous wires and extension cords running through your home. It is much easier to have power connected directly into your home’s infrastructure.
Once power is restored, automatic standby units turn themselves off. There is no need to worry about shutting it off yourself.

It is important to pick a generator that can supply power to all the items you need in your house.
Understand running and surge wattage. These two values inform you how much power your appliances need and the maximum amount of electricity they can handle.
Prior to purchasing a generator, check the safety tags on your appliances for the correct wattage. The running and surge wattage on the generator needs to be high enough to satisfy the ratings of your most demanding appliances.