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S. Swenson & Son, Inc.

Established in 1928, we have been based in Kenilworth, New Jersey for the past 73 years.

We are an electrical services provider in Westfield and Kenilworth for a diverse group of residential and commercial clients. Our knowledge of local Westfield and Kenilworth electrical codes and infrastructure make us an excellent choice for any task from routine maintenance to complex installations.


In short, S Swenson & Sons Electrical Services is the ideal contractor for any property in the greater Westfield and Kenilworth area.

At the smaller end of the spectrum, we help house and apartment owners with everything from adding outlets to lighting installations and troubleshooting electrical issues. For our residential clients, we can also take on more advanced projects, such as full home rewiring, generator installation, and many more.

Our work with Westfield and Kenilworth commercial clients has included every stage of planning and execution of electrical solutions for retail properties, industrial complexes, and institutional buildings. In addition, we also offer CCTV installation and routine maintenance programs to make sure that your electrical systems are efficient and safe.

While S Swenson & Sons may be a large operator in the local area, we have no plans for expanding to other cities. Westfield and Kenilworth is our home as well as yours and delivering impeccable electrical services to members of our own community is our single goal. Making sure we are fully equipped to serve your needs and punctually meet deadlines is a full-time job and one that we’re proud to do well.


For Westfield and Kenilworth electrical services, you have plenty of options, so what makes S Swenson & Sons the right choice?

Above everything, you can count on our quality being second to none. We never compromise on the high standards we’ve set and you won’t have to worry about future issues once we leave because the job will be done right. Here are some other advantages of using S Swenson & Sons Electrical Services:

Local Understanding: When you talk, we listen – exactly like a good neighbor. Taking your individual electrical situation and adapting our extensive knowledge to fit the task at hand is what we do. All of our work will be up to code and you’ll never have a problem dealing with local inspection authorities.

Electrical Knowledge: It’s easy for a new firm to boast about having impressive electrical knowledge, but our deep history in the Westfield and Kenilworth area proves that it’s true. We’ve been here for years, we’re not going anywhere, and we know exactly what we’re doing.

Personable Attitude: When you love what you do, it shows. At S Swenson & Sons, we regularly receive compliments on our pleasant demeanor, but for us, it’s easy. We’re happy to help Westfield and Kenilworth residents improve their home or business, so it’s only natural that you’ll be met with a smile.

Fair Pricing: Overcharging customers isn’t in our vocabulary. Upfront, clear, and direct about prices, the quote you receive from S Swenson & Sons is the price you’ll pay, pure and simple.

If you’re ready to learn more about S Swenson & Sons and what kind of electrical services we can provide for you, either give us a call or fill out our quick online questionnaire and we’ll send you a personalized quote.